As I peruse the internet for birthday party ideas for my little loves and showers for my fantabulous friends, I am simply amazed at the amount of talent that is "out there" in the world! I noticed that most of the blogs were from large cities here and there. I sort of felt like I needed to represent the small{ish} towns out there, like mine. Mostly because I am surrounded by a mega-talented group of friends! This blog is dedicated to all of them and to all of you. For the love of a sweet soiree!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

SWAP Party!

The SWAP party takes a Girls Night Out to a whole 'nother level! SUPER. FUN. You have to do one in your circle of friends! A few years ago I read about SWAP parties in a magazine. I thought it was a fab idea, but with a new baby, too much work! Then I found Christi of P is for Party and she hosted a beautifully done SWAP! I decided to host one and she was kind enough to walk me thru the guidelines of how to throw one! Thanks, Christi!! Here was the invitation that inspired the decor for the evening:
Hanging on the front door:

Here was the dessert pallet:

I set up the drinks in my kitchen. Everyone mingled there as they waited their turn to SWAP!

I had 24 people total and we all drew numbers. I was seriously blown away by the amount of clothes and accessories people brought! There was so much, that next year I will limit the number to 4-5 things only!

Everyone put their loot in a bag!

Overall, I think it was a HUGE success! I will tweak a few things for it next year, but oh my, it was just a great night of gal pals and free fabulous clothes!!!
Photos all courtesy of my most talented bestie: Kimberly Polnick
Invites and stickers courtesy of the genius: B. Hood

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Have a Ball!

Oh May birthdays. I am so jealous of your options. Outside. Inside. Poolside. Not too hot and not too cool. Perfect! That's why I loved my friend's party she gave for her son's second birthday! It was a "ball" theme with the works. My favorite thing? She had these T-shirts made for all the kiddies to wear when they arrived! My son is still wearing his a year later! It was soooo cute!
Our local cookie lady, Ms. Crumpler made the cookies and the cake. She is everyone's go-to gal!

The backyard was fully loaded with stations of sports, but also sprinklers and little pools for the kids to go crazy in. And they surely did! It was lots of fun! And just a great party for a little boy!


Monday, May 17, 2010

A Love Soiree

At my old{ish} age, my weekends these days are all about baby showers and kid's birthdays. However, my sister-in-law is getting married in July so I get to be reacquainted with the chic-ness that are wedding showers. This was the first of several I will be posting about so be ready! I have to say, I am a little overwhelmed at all of the wedding stuff that is out there. There is SO much you can do these days. I got married almost 8 years ago and I feel like aesthetically, it could have been 20 years ago! Wow. My favorite thing they have chosen is this monogram {apparently, this is a huge trend for the reception too--your monogram in lights--man, I missed out on that one}! This shower had the monogram throughout the house. Super cute! Happy couple!
And I love this. Shot glasses. They actually had milk shots with little cookies, but I took a picture before the milk was in them. Lovin'.
Beautiful spread
Favors were wrapped candy bars!
They had little bitty confetti that said, "mr. and mrs." I thought it was super sweet!
Oh and that's me and my other SIL! Testing out my new hipstamatic app on my i-phone! Lovin' that too! I KNOW I am behind on my posts, but I just had to post these! I am busy planning my SWAP party and a bazillion baby showers, but I promise to post a couple of cutie-pie parties this week so stayed tuned! Feel free to keep sending your parties too!!! I know summer is full of 'em! Can't wait to see what you all have done!