As I peruse the internet for birthday party ideas for my little loves and showers for my fantabulous friends, I am simply amazed at the amount of talent that is "out there" in the world! I noticed that most of the blogs were from large cities here and there. I sort of felt like I needed to represent the small{ish} towns out there, like mine. Mostly because I am surrounded by a mega-talented group of friends! This blog is dedicated to all of them and to all of you. For the love of a sweet soiree!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two Lovely Little Firsts!

I know I am always harping on details, details, details. Let's be honest though, would there be all of this fabulousity out there if it weren't for the little details??? I wanted to share with you some precious girl first birthdays. And, yes, the details are what caught my eye!
My friend, Rebekah, put together her little's shindig all inspired by her daughter's favorite giraffe lovey! Of course, I am always lovin' me some picture banners!
And look at the cutesy sign!

All her sentiments were just so pretty and sweet. It really made me smile to think that she came up with all of this revolving around the lovey! That is always what I am talking about when I say make each party your own! Be creative with your child's likes whether it be a book, a favorite food or in this case a giraffe lovey!!!
And this mama went all out for her daughter, Audrey's first birthday! Holy cow!
This is such a good idea. Just wrapping the plastic ware makes it look so much more presh!
Little "a" cut outs everywhere!
Look at this spread. LOVE the paper mums! Not to mention, the manzita branch trees! The curtain in the back made the whole thing tres chic! Wow!
Framed pictures along the wall.

Who could resist this?
Thanks again, Nicole and Rebekah for sharing your wonderfully special parties with us!


  1. love it all! thanks for posting :)

  2. I miss you but I am still following all your cute party ideas! Thanks for the shout out!!!

  3. Thank you for posting our party!!!! :)