As I peruse the internet for birthday party ideas for my little loves and showers for my fantabulous friends, I am simply amazed at the amount of talent that is "out there" in the world! I noticed that most of the blogs were from large cities here and there. I sort of felt like I needed to represent the small{ish} towns out there, like mine. Mostly because I am surrounded by a mega-talented group of friends! This blog is dedicated to all of them and to all of you. For the love of a sweet soiree!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Antique Sip and See

Here is one of the best soirees I have seen, and it is from my hometown! I wish I could take some credit for it, but it was done by my friends for my friend, Katy. This is hands down my favorite Sip & See as far as decorations go. It was simply beautiful. Every detail was perfect and a lot of time and love was put into it! It does not hurt that one of the hostesses owns this perfect little paper shop! I just loooooved looking at all the intricate details--look at the old toys and books!

This is a favorite at showers in Waco, use glass baby bottles to drink out of. You know, it is ALWAYS sure to be a crowd pleaser! You can find glass bottles at most baby stores and on-line. Very inexpensive and fun.
Our local cookie lady, Ms. Crumpler {isn't that the perfect cookie lady name?!?!?} made these and as always they were cute and yummy.

Again, this was a big winner in my book of many soirees! Well done, ladies! Well done!


  1. LOVE it! I love all the vintage detail!

  2. It was the best sip n see EVER! Looooooooved it. How special I felt! ;)