As I peruse the internet for birthday party ideas for my little loves and showers for my fantabulous friends, I am simply amazed at the amount of talent that is "out there" in the world! I noticed that most of the blogs were from large cities here and there. I sort of felt like I needed to represent the small{ish} towns out there, like mine. Mostly because I am surrounded by a mega-talented group of friends! This blog is dedicated to all of them and to all of you. For the love of a sweet soiree!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You Got Questions? I Got Answers!

Hey all! I got a WONDERFUL response to the Q&A idea! Lots and lots of emails! I thought these answers through and hope they help! ANYONE else can chime in in the comments if you have anything to add to these questions! You bloggers are so great! All I can say is keep doing what you're doin' my sistas!!!

Q: I love your blog website. You are very creative!! I am hoping that you can help me out with some ideas for a Pony Party. My daughter wants one of them and her birthday is in July. I need ideas for food, decorations.
A: It all depends on if you are doing a cowboy "themed" party or having a party and ponies are there for entertainment. I think finding a great cupcake or cookie place in your area {or better yet--if you are talented and can make them!} to do some colorful cookies or cupcakes are always a hit for kiddos. Maybe stick to a couple of colors so not to get too out there. Since it is summer, the sky is the limit! Serve watermelon, lemonade, icecream with lots of different toppings. Summer parties are so fun because you can honestly do whatever! If you plan to serve lunch or dinner, I would consider grilling hamburgers or hotdogs and fruit.

As far as decor goes, I would definitely make a banner! You can DIY or buy one from ETSY! Start ahead of time though, because these things are getting super popular and are in high demand! I am envisioning a pink gingham table cloth with pink lemonade and accents of yellow {this is a random vision--you don't have to go with it!}! A big yellow galvanized tub of Pink lemonade drinks. A plate full of watermelon, lots of cupcakes {pink and yellow} and another table with burgers and fixin's. Not sure if that helps you at all--I would first decide what time of day you would like the party to take place! Email me if you want to brainstorm some more! xoxo

Q: What is a realistic amount of money to expect to spend to throw a party for a two year old?!? Pretty simple, but with a theme. Making things myself too - decor, invites, and food. But it's still adding up! What do you think??
A: Ah. This is a toughy. It does all add up, doesn't it??? Here is the thing, the more peeps you invite, the more $$ it costs. You have to factor that in. If you are NOT feeding dinner or lunch, doing your own invites, etc. I think you can pull it off around $200ish. The most expensive thing for me is ALWAYS decor though. And I do it all myself. You have to sort of reign that in if it is a costly area for you! That may seem like too much, but invites, stamps, cake, etc. all add up! xoxo

Q: I have been SEARCHING the internet for ideas for a 1940s-50s vintage football party for my 3 yr old. I found an adorable invitation, but that is it! If you have any ideas, I would LOVE to see them! Also, great idea about q&a post about parties, I think it is going to be very popular! You have some amazing parties posted! THANKS=)
A: I am so bummed. I did a shower like this in January. My camera was stolen a few days later without the pics being uploaded. It was adorable. I bought almost EVERYTHING for it at Hobby Lobby!!! You can also google 'vintage football' and some sites pull up. I did a vintage helmet on a stand {the one thing I did not get at HL--my friend found it on a website} as the centerpiece, put all the food on silver platters and put out all the HL figurines around the food table. It was precious. You could assemble all the party attendants in their jerseys and take an old school football photo and then change the color to sepia, print it at your favorite photo shop and send the pic as a thank-you! If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, check there. And also google, google, google!! xoxo

Q: I am getting ready to start planning my daugther, Cayden's second birthday. i was thinking of doing a "you are my sunshine" theme..any fun thoughts or ideas? We live in FL and her b-day is at the end of May, so it is warm, i am doing it outside..any suggestions would be great!
A: CUTE! Ok, here is my random vision {again, ignore it if it sounds hideous!} Lucky you to be in FL and have a May birthday! Outside is a must! First, pick your colors {I think for sure Yellow is the main color!--maybe white and another accent of your choice}. For some reason yellow umbrellas everywhere is popping into my head!!! A pretty dessert table with lots of yellow lemonheads in jars. Along with cupcakes with toppers {go to etsy!}, and other candies that fit your color pallet. Little drinks with umbrellas! And little tables with sunglasses for the place settings with the child's name monogrammed on them! You can have little cheap pools filled with plastic balls for them to jump in. The sky is the limit for an outdoor party for kids! xoxo

Q: How can you "spice up" a party-in-a-box type birthday. That's all my son wants is a CARS party. How can I add to that so it doesn't look so generic?
A: The key here is to put the special touch on everything. If you have cupcakes, make little toppers. Have napkins and /or cups monogrammed. Put pictures of your child throughout the venue in fun ways. Have a creative centerpiece on the tables, or do do a treat bar with your colors. Also, I think simple stuff like cutesie labels speak volumes and draw the eye in. Don't rely on the "party box" to be the focal point! xoxo

Q: What is one tip you would give for planning on a budget {and not being super crafty/creative}? Not all of us can throw these ELABORATE parties, but we still want them to be memorable!
A: OF COURSE not everyone can go all out! Sometimes as I peruse these sites, I start to second guess myself! Certainly, some are waaaaay elaborate. I want to speak to that. Do what your child LOVES and they will love the party. You do not have to get carried away by a price! They will take notice at the details you bring to the table, and love it regardless. Just make a sweet memory! As far as doing one thing...I think personalize. Whether it be making one banner, or monogramming napkins I think making something personal is the best advice I have. Print out pictures of you and your child and string them around the house! Take some of their baby clothes to current clothes and display them on a clothing line along the mantle. Something like that doesn't cost a thing :) My mom used to make ALL OF MY CAKES. She would slave for hours and present the most perfect {in my eyes cake}. She was not a baker, and it was always so precious to me even as a small child. A little love goes a long way! xoxo

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