As I peruse the internet for birthday party ideas for my little loves and showers for my fantabulous friends, I am simply amazed at the amount of talent that is "out there" in the world! I noticed that most of the blogs were from large cities here and there. I sort of felt like I needed to represent the small{ish} towns out there, like mine. Mostly because I am surrounded by a mega-talented group of friends! This blog is dedicated to all of them and to all of you. For the love of a sweet soiree!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cupcakes and Cocktails 30th

Turning 30 is a huge milestone. You MUST do it in style! I LOVED this absolutely gorgeous and unique 30th, given in honor of my friend, Tiffany {you HAVE to read all the details on her blog}! Her party was in a boutique and was very chic best of all, captured the essence of who she is!
I loved the cupcake toppers and how they matched the invite!

Adorable drinks!

Her party favors were rolled like a cupcake!
And in lieu of confetti, her mom made these personalized petals!

Now THAT'S turning 30 in style!


  1. LOVE this idea (and will probably copy it)!! It reminds me of a girls Night Out we did a while back-"Champagne and Chandeliers"- where everyone brought chandelier earrings for a fun earring exchage game!

  2. Nicki, I am so glad I have finally met you so now I do not feel like such a stalker reading your blog(s)! What a great idea to start such a fun blog to give party-throwing lovers such fabulous ideas!!!!! Cute, cute stuff!

  3. i saw pics of this party on FB bc my friend Brooke from BU was there...and i thought OMG - what an amazing party, and such a fun idea!! do you think i could steal it and do it for my 32nd bday this year?? ha ha...
    man, i's gettin old!!!!!!

  4. Love it! The favors are my favorite part, so cute!